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21.01.2022, 06h33

An amazing travel agency in Chiang Mai

Sanja Knezevic, Bosnie-Herzégovine

We booked a day trip to Phu Chee Fah mountain/viewpoint, a one-day trekking tour with the rafting and the elephant camp visit, a day trip to see the Floating Pagodas and Wat Chaloem and half-a-day trip around Chiang Mai, to see Doi Suthep and check out a silk factory. Everything was perfect and I can only give the highest grades for the whole experience overall. Piroon took us trekking and we had an amazing time from start to finish. Elephants were special. We wanted a shorter interaction, not one of those half day visits, and that was perfectly incorporated into the day trip (about an hour visit to the camp). He is obviously a highly skilled guide and showed us a bunch of interesting things. Listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers while driving back was a nice touch! Maybe I missed a step here - we got in touch through their web site and they responded quickly. We explained what we were interested in and quickly came to an agreement of what and when to do, so communication was smooth and quick - good English! We then set-up a meeting to go through details in person and I met with Tom and Jit - Tom was going to be our guide for the three tours, so to touch base before starting the first trip. Everything well explained and clear, payment possible in cash as well as by card - great. Tom was amazing and we highly recommend him - do get in touch and have him take you to Phu Chee Fah or Floating Pagodas if you are considering those tours while in Chiang Mai. He speaks great English and is very knowledgeable and helpful on so many topics - if there is something he does not know immediately, he will find out ASAP, so no questions remain unanswered. We had a great time. Tom had great suggestions for where to stop while on the way, what to see, where to grab a bite, where to find souveniers - just name it. Oh, the food on all tours was great too - we were a bit skeptical because we went deep into some rural areas, but nothing to be concerned about - everything was fresh and delicious. We will get back in touch when we come back to Chiang Mai and explore more of the North of Thailand with this great agency and its great people - thanks for everything!!!!!

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